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China and Azerbaijan: champions in sentencing of human rights defenders

April 19, 2015
China Sentences Journalist To seven Several years In Jail For Leaking Condition Secrets and techniques
I tend not to refer to all cases of human rights defenders detained or sentenced. Sadly there are too many, but also they are often covered by many human rights NGOs and other media. I make an exception for two recent cases which were done by serial offenders China and Azerbaijan:
– A Chinese court sentenced 71-year old journalist, Gao Yu, to 7 years in jail, accusing her of ‘leaking’ an inner Communist Get together document to an overseas site. Many NGOs, human rights defenders and media outlets have condemned the harsh sentence, as well as several States and the EU.

– The other case is Rasul Jafarov, a human rights lawyer In Azerbaijan, who has been an outspoken critic of the government’s crackdown of media freedoms that have resulted in the arrests of prominent journalists in Azerbaijan. Despite protests, on 16 April a Baku court sentenced Jafarov to six and a half years imprisonment. [He actively participated in the ‘Sing for Democracy <> movement in the build-up to the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku in May 2012. He is  the Head of the Human Rights Club <>. For more see:]

Some of the sources:

China jails journalist accused of leaking state secrets for 7 years – New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD TV).

Human rights defender Htin Kyaw in Myanmar keeps walking in spite of 11 convictions

September 16, 2014

Aye Aye Win, of Associated Press, describes in an interesting way the changes in Myanmar (Burma): human rights defender Htin Kyaw is ‘free’ to march and protest in public but in every city where he passes he is being sentenced for disturbing public order. He has now accumulated 11 of such sentences and is slated to spend the next 12 years and four months behind bars, according to his wife, Than Than Maw.







via: 1 march, 11 sentences for Myanmar rights activist :: (1 September 2014)

Saudi Arabia: ‘only’ 14 years jail for blogger Fadel Al-Manasef

September 12, 2014

Frontline NEWlogos-1 condensed version - cropped reports that on 9 September 2014, the Specialised Criminal Court reduced [SIC and sick] the sentence of human rights defender Mr Fadel Al-Manasef after it was reconsidered by the Specialised Criminal Court of Appeal. The human rights defender was originally sentenced ( to 15 years’ imprisonment and a subsequent 15-year travel ban, as well as a fine of approximately €20,000). The Court reduced the sentence to 14 years’ imprisonment, to be followed by a 14 years travel ban, while maintaining the initial fine. Hard not to be cynical.

[Fadel Al-Manasef is a writer and blogger, and a founding member of Al Adalah Center for Human Rights, a Saudi Arabian NGO that documents and monitors human rights violations and provides support to victims of human rights abuses. He has been in detention since his arrest on 2 October 2011. –]

Tibetan Filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen Released from Prison Yesterday

June 6, 2014


On 5 June 2014  Dhondup Wangchen, the imprisoned Tibetan video-activist,  was released from prison in Qinghai’s provincial capital Xining, China, after serving a six-year sentence.  In a phone call to Gyaljong Tsetrin, cousin and president of Filming For Tibet, living in Switzerland,  a very emotional Dhondup Wangchen said: “At this moment, I feel that everything inside me is in a sea of tears. I hope to recover my health soon. I would like to express my feeling of deepest gratitude for all the support I received while in prison and I want to be reunited with my family.”

Lhamo Tso, wife of the imprisoned filmmaker who was granted US asylum in 2012 and now lives in San Francisco, is overjoyed: “Six years of injustice and painful counting the days ended today.  It is a day of unbelievable joy for his parents in Dharamsala, our children and myself. We look forward to be reunited as a family.”

Gyaljong Tsetrin, his cousin and co-producer of “Leaving Fear Behind”, said after talking him to: “Though Dhondup is still under the control of the Chinese authorities I am very relieved that he finally could leave prison and has now the possibility to consult a doctor.”  The self-taught cameraman and video-activist travelled across Tibet with his assistant Golog Jigme in 2007/2008. His film “Leaving Fear Behind” (28 min.) has been translated into a dozen languages and has been screened in more than 30 countries worldwide. Golog Jigme recently just arrived in India after a spectacular escape from Tibet. Dhondup Wangchen has been given awards by various NGOs, such as Committee to Protect Journalists, for his courageous work making the documentary “Leaving Fear Behind” and his case was the focal point of many campaigns of international human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Reporters without Borders. Government representatives around the world have brought up his case in their talks with their Chinese counterparts.


Tibetan Filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen Released from Prison.

Egypt and its laws on NGOs: concrete example of abuse

June 6, 2013

In a recent post I discussed problems surrounding the new law on NGOs in Egypt. In case there was any doubt on the need for a new and IMPROVED legal regime, see here what Front Line Defenders reported yesterday, 5 June:

43 NGO staff members were condemned to prison termsFrontline NEWlogos-1 condensed version - cropped Read the rest of this entry »

Two prominent Saudi Human Rights Defenders heavily sentenced

March 12, 2013


Last Saturday, two distinguished human rights defenders in Saudi Arabia were sentenced to jail in Riyadh for establishing an unlicensed human rights organization. Mohammed Al-Qahtani and Abdullah Al-Hamad (or Hamid) established the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA) in 2009. The organization’s mission is to promote human rights awareness within the Kingdom. ACPRA called for political representation of Saudi citizens and creation of laws to protect minorities. The organization also worked on documenting human rights abuses within the Kingdom. Despite multiple efforts to license ACPRA, the organization’s petitions were rejected and the group was eventually banned by Saudi authorities. The two men were sentenced to 10 and 11 years in prison on accusations including the rather illiberal sounding “breaking allegiance to the King”, “disseminating false information through foreign entities” and “forming an unlicensed organization“. This trial and the ensuing heavy sentence are clearly linked to them exercising their rights to freedom of opinion and association.

MEA Laureate 2009 Emad Baghi under threat again

August 6, 2010

The Laureate of the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders Emad(dedin) Baghi was released from jail only a month ago, but according to a new court ruling – issued 2 years after the trial related to Defending Prisoners’ Rights Society – he has been sentenced to 1 year imprisonment and 5 years prohibition from political, organizational, and media activities. Does the harassment ever stop?