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Are human rights videos making a difference?

September 3, 2014

Yvette Alberdingk Thijm, the Executive Director of WITNESS, posted an important piece in the Huffington Post of 2 September on how to make sure that the increase in human rights videos uploaded to Witness (and the same for other NGOs) make a real difference. After citing several examples of such footage of violence, conflict, and human rights abuses, she reflects as follows: “When I watch these videos with such potential to transform human rights advocacy, I am concerned about the gaps and the lost opportunities: the videos that cannot be authenticated; the stories that will be denied or thrown out of court — or worse, will never reach their intended audience; a survivor’s account lost in a visual sea of citizen media. Mostly, I worry about the safety of the person who filmed, about her privacy and security.


“When WITNESS was created, we talked about the power of video to “open the eyes of the world to human rights violations.” Today, our collective eyes have been opened to many of the conflicts and abuses that are going on around us. This creates, for all of us, a responsibility to engage. I am deeply convinced that citizen documentation has the power to transform human rights advocacy, change behaviors, and increase accountability. But let’s make sure that all of us filming have the right tools and capabilities, and that we apply and share the lessons we are learning from citizen witnesses around the world, so that more people filming truly equals more rights.”

How Do We Ensure That More People Using Video Equals More Rights? | Yvette Alberdingk Thijm.

Human Rights News in Asia: weekly round up

March 6, 2014

In 20th episode of the weekly Human Rights News programme of the Asian Human Rights Commission you will find:

  1. International Women’s Day Special from Nepal, Bangladesh, and Hong Kong
  2. Fact finding report on Cambodia riots  released
  3. Baloch Long March on its 107th day in Pakistan
  4. Two men tortured and shot in Sumatra, Indonesia
  5. Hong Kong demonstration for press freedom.

Asian human rights TV: 19th consecutive episode

February 26, 2014

In the weekly round up of human rights news the Asian Human Rights Commission [AHRC] covers this week (25 February 2014) the following topics:

  1. Pakistan’s long march meets further challenges
  2. Disguised police officers in Sri Lanka try to disrupt protest
  3. 10th anniversary of torture victim Maina Sunuwar’s death
  4. Extrajudicial killing in broad daylight in Bangladesh
  5. The ALRC makes 17 written submissions on human rights issues in Asia to the UN
  6. Pakistani social activist is murdered
  7. Voices of survivors: this week from the Philippines.

It is remarkable and promising that a small regional NGO is able to keep this up, paving the way for further such developments in the future. See also my end-of-year post: