True Heroes Films starts office in Geneva on Monday 10 March

March 7, 2014

There seems to be almost unanimous agreement in the human rights movement that in outreach it will have to focus more on the visual aspects. In my end of year post in 2013 (see below) I tried to show to what extent this is already happening but a lot more systematic work is needed. Therefore it is good to be able to announce that True Heroes Films [THF] has concluded a coöperation agreement with the Geneva-based International Service for Human Rights [ISHR] with the purpose of supporting the visualisation process. As from Monday 10 March 2014 THF will operate a professionally equipped studio in the offices of the ISHR, strategically located close to the UN in Geneva. This will allow THF to provide images-related services, not just to the host but – against preferential fees – to all human rights organisations in the Geneva area. 

ISHR-logo-colour-high has been working for 30 years to support human rights defenders and to make international and regional human rights systems more accessible and effective as levers for change. It is in the forefront when it comes to lobbying the UN for better international standards and provides training and advocacy support to human rights defenders at risk from all over the world. Throughout 2014 it will roll out an ambitious project to develop a model national law for human rights defenders.

THF_LOGOTrue Heroes Films (THF) aims to inspire people, in particular youth, by putting the stories of human rights defenders and the issues they work on at the center and assisting these HRDs and human rights organizations to communicate in a visually engaging and inspiring way. It draws on a network of dedicated communications professionals to create professional content and disseminate through the internet. Recently based in Geneva, the organization has a global reach and outlook. For more information: contact the Coordinator Mike Romig at Geneva[at]

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