Norwegian Human Rights Fund and its 2017 summer newsletter

July 5, 2017

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund (NHRF) has just published its 2017 summer newsletter which contains interesting items. Here some highlights:


The NHRF launched its brand new grant portal, moving the application process to an online platform. With the use of this portal, organisations seeking support from the NHRF are able to submit information about their work, apply for grants, communicate with the NHRF Secretariat, and share reports on implemented projects. Through the online portal the application process has become more efficient and systemised, bringing all applications into one place, allowing for easy-to-find overviews and accessible information. The NHRF therefore considers the transition to have been a success, and an unprecedented number of applications received is now being processed.


We believe these stories matter as their experience carries a message that may inspire others to engage in the human rights movement. Recording audio stories is important to showcase the strength, resistance and voices of the people of which this movement consists. We feel that this project has a wonderful potential to create a counter narrative to the extreme pushback against human rights defenders in so many parts of the world. Also in an interactive manner, make human rights defenders voices heard.  The NHRF is in a pilot phase of new and interactive project together with the communication platform Memria where we are collecting stories from human rights defenders addressing human rights issues at all levels (local, national, regional or global). We want to create a space where human rights defenders can share their personal story about what inspires them, what made them become human rights defenders and narrate the challenges they face. 


The NHRF is currently working with designers and developers to improve and renew its website. With additional features and updated information, the NHRF expects the website to be user-friendly and better convey the work supported as well as to visualize the work of local human rights defenders. The website is expected to be ready for launch in August. In March the NHRF received an extra grant from Amnesty Norway to strengthen its communication work and tools.

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