International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights 2014 – from 7 to 16 March in Geneva

February 27, 2014

The International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights [FIFDH] was inaugurated in 2003. This year’s session runs from 7 to 16 March, 2014. On purpose it coincides with the UN Human Rights Council. This simultaneous event helps to make the Festival a Platform for discussion and debates on a wide variety of topics concerning human rights. As a genuine Forum on Human Rights, the Festival informs and firmly denounces violations of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights wherever they occur. In the heart of Geneva, the “international hub for human rights”, the FIFDH offers debates as well as unscreened films and solidarity actions. The link to the full programme is: its concept “A film, A subject, A debate” the FIFDH aims to underline human rights violations through films and debates, in the presence of filmmakers, human rights defenders, politicians and recognized specialists. Its programme is designed to increase public awareness and inspire people to reinforce their commitment to universal values. In  2013, more than 25 ‘000 visitors attended the Festivals screenings and debates. The International Jury awards three Prizes : the « Grand Prix du FIFDH » offered by the State of Geneva, the Award of the « Foundation Barbara Hendricks for Peace and Reconciliation in tribute to Sergio Vieira de Mello » and the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) Award.

Director Léo Kaneman: l.kaneman[at]

via International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights, Geneva.



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