Job Opportunity: Manual on Documenting Violations against Women Human Rights Defenders

June 4, 2013

The Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition (WHRD IC) is looking to recruit an editor for the Manual on Documenting Violations against Women Human Rights Defenders. The editor will work closely with members of the WHRD IC’s Documentation Manual Working Group to complete the manual.women human rights defenders

Job description:

·        Integrate learning from trainings/testing and other feedback provided on the draft by  Documentation Manual working group members, into a revised draft of the manual

·        Edit, and where necessary draft (for example, a chapter on ‘Digital Security’ and a chapter on ‘Documenting Our Own Work’) content of the WHRD Manual

·        Facilitate a process of comments on the revised draft manual among members of the Documentation Manual working group members.

·        Integrate comments of the working group members into a further revised version of the Manual

·        Provide the WHRD IC with a final draft of the Manual on Documenting Violations Against WHRDs ready for copy editing and layout/printing

Skills and experience:

·         Passion for women’s human rights and for the work of human rights defenders

·         Experience working in a human rights organization, women’s rights organization or other rights based movements

·         Experience of human rights documentation

·         Proven editing experience

·         Proven analytical and writing skills

·         Ability to take the initiative, communicate with members of the Working Group, and work autonomously with a minimum of supervision

·         Strong written and oral English.

·         Willingness to participate in conference calls out of standard office times.

Terms and conditions:

Up to 20 days, to be completed within 6 weeks.  Daily rate:  350 USD per day.

The consultant will work remotely.

Applying for the position:

·     Please send CVs and a letter of interest to by 18 June 2013 to: 


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