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Azerbaijan: a hot summer in summary

August 18, 2014

An array of international human rights organisations have over the last weeks focused on Azerbaijan. These four reports together give a shocking picture of the kind of repression that awaits human rights defenders: Read the rest of this entry »

Cambridge Activists Train Human Rights Defenders in Sweden

April 8, 2014

On 8 April 2014 Sarah Cortes posted a short report on Cambridge Community Television about how Cambridge internet freedom advocates trained human rights defenders at the recent Civil Rights Defenders Conference in Stockholm.

Civil Rights Defenders [CRD] brought 121 human rights defenders from over 30 countries together last weekend to share their stories and participate in training by legal, security and technology specialists. One of them is Andrew Lewman from Cambridge-based Tor who provided training in internet and digital security to help activists who may be under surveillance from governments whose policies and activities they protest. “Activists may not realize the extent to which their governments may monitor their computers, cellphones and other devices,” said Lewman. “Learning to improve digital security may save their life, in some cases“. CRD itself has not yet published a general report.

The post describes also the Natalia Project, named in memory of Natalia Estemirova, a Russian activist murdered in 2009.  See my earlier posts via:

via Cambridge Activists Train International Civil Rights Defenders in Sweden | Cambridge Community Television.

Civil Rights Defenders receives support from H&M

January 9, 2014

Only yesterday I referred to the action campaign in favor of garment workers in Cambodia, which mentions H&M as one of chains getting its clothes manufactured there, and today I see that Stockholm-based Civil Rights Defenders announces that it will receive SEK 4 million (appr. 450.000 Euro) from H&M to fund its ongoing human rights work and in particular to ensure assistance for vulnerable human rights defenders. No relation perhaps?

via Civil Rights Defenders – Civil Rights Defenders supported by H&M.