Call for nominations 2022 Roger Baldwin Medal

March 12, 2022

Today, Human Rights First announced a call for nominations for the 2022 Roger N. Baldwin Medal of Liberty Award. Nominations are due by April 10.

For more than thirty years, the Baldwin Medal of Liberty has provided recognition and support for courageous human rights activists around the world,” said Human Rights First President and CEO Mike Breen. “We are proud to issue this prestigious award, and we encourage supporters of human rights to nominate deserving individuals or organizations.”

For more on the Roger N. Baldwin Medal of Liberty Award, see:

This year’s award will honor an individual or organization outside of the United States that has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to human rights advocacy in areas such as the protection of refugees; human rights accountability; countering extremism, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia; or technology and human rights, among other topics. See also:

A distinguished jury will select this year’s winner, who will receive a $30,000 prize and a trip to the United States to engage in advocacy. An individual or an organization can make nominations. Nominees will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • The nominee’s work is unique or particularly distinctive;
  • The nominee’s work has been effective in advancing human rights in a country other than the United States;
  • The nominee faces risk or insecurity as a result of their work; and
  • The nominee would benefit significantly from receiving the Baldwin Award in the form of enhanced protection or any other way.

The nomination form can be found here

For any questions about the award or the nomination process, please contact Human Rights First at

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