Protection International opens inscription for new e-learning course on Security for HRDs

September 12, 2013

On 7 October 2013, a new course on “Security and protection management for HRD and social organisations” begins on the e-learning platform of Protection International (

•       Enrolment until 24 September 2013
•       Communication to those selected to participate: 26 September 2013
•       Payment of fees can be made between: 26 September – 2 October 2013
•       Payment period for those accepted from waiting list: till 7 October 2013

If you want to be part of the selection process you should send an e-mail to:, with a subject line of: ‘Security Course, English’, and answer the following questions:

1- Name and Surname:
2- Country:
3- City:
4- E-mail:
5- Course you want to participate in:
6- Do you belong to any organisation or institution? (Yes/No). If the answer is “yes”, please state name of the organisation or institution
7- Which type of organisation or institution do you belong to? (e.g. defenders, humanitarian, educational, etc…)
8- Is your organisation/institution/country from the “north” or from the “south”?
9- Name of the country where you currently reside/live/work:
10- Would you participate in the course as an individual or as an institution (up to 3 people)? (see document 03-Course Fees)
11- What risk level do you consider are you under?: high, medium, low?
12- Tell us briefly why are you interested in the course and what you do at the moment
13- Security references (see document 05-Restricted admission)

Note: “information given here, will only be accessible to PI staff members working on the course”.

Once selection has been made, if you have been selected, PI will e-mail you to inform you about the steps you must follow to complete the registration process (how to create a user account on the virtual campus, course fees and payment methods, etc).



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