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Dutch Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, calls for submissions for best master thesis on human rights

August 30, 2013

For the fifth time the Dutch Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (NJCM) will issue the Thoolen NJCM-Scriptieprijs for the best master thesis. Any student who has followed university level education – at least partly – in the Netherlands is allowed to participate as long as the paper was written between 2011 and 2013. The winning paper will be published by the Foundation NJCM-Boekerij. The deadline is 1 november 2013. Four copies of the paper – in English or Dutch – have to be sent to:  NJCM, Steenschuur 25, 2311 ES Leiden. Former winners of the award are:

– Laura Henderson, Tortured reality. How media framing of waterboarding affects judicial independence

– Erik van de Sandt, A child’s story for global peace and justice. Best practices for a child-friendly environment during the statement- and testimony-period in respect of the Rome Statute and the International Criminal Code

– Shekufeh Jalali Manesh, het recht van het kind op behoorlijke huisvesting en het BLOEM-model

– Janine de Vries, Sexual violence against women in Congo. Obstacles and remedies for judicial assistance .

via NJCM – Nederlands Juristen Comité voor de Mensenrechten.


United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moons Statements

August 29, 2013

English: Ban Ki-moon 日本語: 潘基文

The UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon gave the Annual Leiden Freedom Lecture, in the Netherlands, on 28 August 2013 and made a number of strong points relevant to human rights defenders: Read the rest of this entry »