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Report available on GHR Expert Seminar 20 years Vienna

September 9, 2013

On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the World Conference on Human Rights several commemorative meetings took place. I just came across the one organised by Geneva for Human Rights  – Global Training (GHR) which held an Expert Seminar in Geneva on 6 June 2013 under the theme: ‘After Vienna: all rights for all !’.

It was sponsored by the Dutch Permanent Delegation and chaired by Professor Bertrand Ramcharan, former High Commissioner for Human Rights. Fifty-seven persons attended, including 17 experts. The aim of the Expert Seminar was to sensitize those attending the sessions of the current Human Rights Council decisions contained in the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action (VDPA). The Seminar discussed the VDPA; shared experience and assessed the realization of its main provisions, in particular their implementation at the national level. Further, the seminar discussed the remaining protection gaps in the field of human rights and recommendations for future action. The report in PDF contains summaries of the experts presentations and a reference to the (intriguingly called) session: ‘brainstorming dinner”.

There seems to be no website for GHR but its address is:

Geneva for Human Rights – Global Training, 14, Avenue du Mail  CH-1205 Geneva, Switzerland, Tel.      +41 22 320-27-27

and emails are: