Cartooning in the doldrums? Cartooning Award 2019 seeks nominations!

June 19, 2019

Last week the New York Times announced that it would no longer carry [] political cartoons in its international edition. The outcry was loud but also accompanied by other voices such as on 16 June 2019 “The point is that globalisation and information technology have changed the business of cartooning. Cartoonists wedded to the old-school, in-house ways of the 20th century can throw tantrums about free speech as much as they like. If they do not recognise the way the world has changed – and is changing – then they will be left behind as their profession moves forward. History is not on their side. Just as 18th-century copperplate engravings were replaced by lithograph prints, and standalone caricatures were replaced by cartoons in 19th-century humour magazines, and they in turn by 20th-century newspaper cartoons, the web cartoon has well and truly arrived in the 21st century.“[]

In the meantime, Cartoonists Rights Network International seeks nominations for its twenty-fourth Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award.

Previous winner of the Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award Musa Kart, currently a prisoner in Turkey. [see also:]

CRNI presents this award to a cartoonist who has demonstrated exceptional courage in the face of overwhelming threats while pursuing their right to free speech. For more on this and other such awards:

Please send your nomination to Robert Russell at with “Annual Award” on the subject line. The email should contain a brief description of the threats and/or censorship faced by the cartoonist. If possible, please include contact information for the cartoonist. The deadline for nominations is 12 July. Please note: CRNI does not award a specific cartoon.. it recognises a cartoonist who is under attack themselves.  Therefore CRNI makes no comment on the quality or content of the work. However CRNI will not consider cartoonists whose work advocates violence or encourages racism, sexism or any form of hate speech.

L to r: Zunar, Chappatte, PX Molina – AAEC Convention, September 2018

Last year’s winner was the Nicaraguan cartoonist Pedro X. Molina, later forced to leave home and pursue a career in exile. He is pictured here at the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists’ convention where he received his award from past winner Zunar of Malaysia and with the co-founder of the Cartooning For Peace Swiss Foundation, Patrick Chappatte, recently dismissed along with all cartoon content from the pages of The New York Times’ international edition.

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