Daniel D’Esposito, HURIDOCS Executive Director, announces his departure

August 5, 2016

After more than 5 years as Executive Director and over 10 years at HURIDOCS (he joined as training officer in January 2006) Daniel D’Esposito will leave the organizations on 1 October 2016. He joined the organization when it was in a very difficult position but managed to bring it back to be the key documentation network on human rights. Eddie Halpin, HURIDOCS Chair: “I need to pay particular thanks to Daniel. His achievements are amazing, his strength incredible, and his passion frightening; I do not think anybody else could possibly have brought HURIDOCS, to where it is and I am honoured to have shared in some of that with him.” He encourages you to watch the HURIDOCS mailing list so as not to miss the vacancy announcement.

For my earlier posts on HURIDOCS: https://thoolen.wordpress.com/category/organisations/huridocs/

For my own involvement in the network’s development, see: https://www.huridocs.org/a-biased-history-of-huridocs/

Daniel himself has written a substantive farewell piece that you can find in the link below:

Source: Departure of Daniel D’Esposito, HURIDOCS Executive Director

One Response to “Daniel D’Esposito, HURIDOCS Executive Director, announces his departure”

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