Due to lack of funding INTERIGHTS ceases to exist

April 4, 2014

After 32 years, the NGO “INTERIGHTS” [International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights] ceases to exist as from 27 May 2014 due to lack of funding. This is bad news but at least there is a clear public statement. Too often human rights NGOs or awards are announced with great pomp but their demise is muffled. The Executive Director John Wadham made the following clear-headed statement:

I regret to inform you that INTERIGHTS will be closing down on 27 May 2014. Our past successes have included cases challenging slavery in Niger – making a difference to thousands of people; ensuring that the African Commission set standards for countries across the continent to ensure that all detentions were lawful, not arbitrary and never involved torture; protecting minorities like the Transdniestra community in Moldova or; cases for people with disabilities or for those harassed or discriminated because of their sexual orientation or gender.

However, INTERIGHTS has found it increasingly difficult to retain funding for its work over the past two or three years and it has recently become clear that it will be impossible to sustain the organisation over the long term. Despite downsizing the organisation significantly, making many of our long-term staff redundant and negotiating significant reductions in other costs, we now have no choice but to cease operating. In the next two months we will be focusing our efforts on our current cases in order to identify other lawyers and NGOs to take forward this important work after our closure.

While the staff and Board are very disappointed to be closing, we are comforted by the successes that INTERIGHTS has been able to achieve in the thirty-two years since it was established.  We all hope that others can build on those achievements and continue to use the tools that INTERIGHTS developed to promote human rights across the world.

We are all in debt to those who founded the organisation thirty-two years ago and all the hundreds of staff, volunteers, Board members, partners, supporters and funders who made it all possible and contributed to making the world a better place.

The legal team will be in touch with INTERIGHTS’ partners regarding pending legal cases and projects.”



The International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights | INTERIGHTS.

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