218 Extremely courageous Human Rights Defenders in China

October 26, 2013

Two hundred and eighteen human rights defenders in Shanghai signed a public appeal urging the United Nations not to elect China to the 47-member Human Rights Council. The election will be held on 12 November in the General Assembly.

China is one of the five candidates for the four seats to be filled by Asia-Pacific states. The other candidates are Jordan, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam. Among the voluntary pledges made by China for its membership are: “To continue to strengthen the development of democracy and the rule of law [and] push forward the reform of the judicial system.” The appeal is dated October 21, 2013, the day before China’s Universal Periodic Review at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. Below are copies of the original signature sheets.

Strongly Protest China Resuming Membership
in the UN Human Rights Council

Between 2006 and 2012, a period when China was twice a member of the Council, it not only did not solve the problems of people’s livelihood but continued—and has continued to this date—trampling on human rights, by means including forced residential demolition, land grabs, and miscarriages of injustice. Over these years, the common people have had no place to bring their complaints. Instead, they have been detained; ordered to serve Reeducation-through-Labor; sentenced to prison; locked up in black jails; disappeared; and died, became disabled, or were injured from beatings. We call upon the United Nations to not listen to the lies anymore, and call upon democratic countries to stand with the people of China and courageously and firmly say “no” to dictatorial authoritarian rule. [Heading on signature sheets, translated by Human Rights in China]





via Rights Defenders Oppose China’s Membership in UN Human Rights Council | Human Rights in China 中国人权.


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