Murder of Somali human rights defender Mohamed Mohamud Tima’adde

October 27, 2013

Frontline NEWlogo-2 full version - cropped reported that on 22 October 2013, unidentified gunmen shot Mohamed Mohamud Tima’adde six times on his way to work. Three people were subsequently arrested trying to access the Medina hospital ward where Mohamed Mohamud was being treated. Initially it was reported that he was responding well, but on 27 October AP reports that according to the Somali journalist Ahmed Nor Mohamed his colleague has died of his wounds on Saturday night.

This shooting comes as part of a series of attacks on journalists and reporters investigating human rights abuses in Somalia. Mohamed Mohamud Tima’adde was a reporter affiliated with Universal TV, a UK-based station targeting the wider Somali diaspora. Universal TV is watched within Somalia and relies on a number of correspondents based in the Horn of Africa. Mohamed Mohamud Tima’adde had been investigating a range of human rights issues including forced evictions, gender-based violence, and displacement of civilian populations.  On 22 October 2013, Mohamed Mohamud Tima’adde was attacked just outside his house in Medina, a district of Mogadishu. As he was driving to work, he received six bullet wounds to various parts of his body. He had lost consciousness by the time he was taken to Medina hospital, where he underwent surgery, but in vain. . ..Agents of the Somali Central Intelligence Department (CID) have reportedly arrested three suspects who were trying to gain access to the Medina hospital ward where Mohamed Mohamud Tima’adde was receiving treatment. Another journalist was previously attacked by gunmen in Medina hospital as he was recovering from an initial shooting.

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