Malaysian trade union asks: “Do we really want guys like Wahid to be in our Cabinet?”

May 30, 2013

519 police reports filed: Do we really want guys like Wahid to be in our Cabinet? The National Union of Banking Employees NUBE  in Malaysia will be filling cases against former Maybank Chief Executive Officer Abdul Wahid Omar at the Jalan Duta Court. Wahid has been appointed as a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department for Economic Planning. What is interesting is that the trade union takes a proactive stand by saying that someone who has shown blatant disregard for workers rights should not be a minister in the government!  NUBE explains that since 2010, Abdul Wahid and his Management team have violated basic human rights of workers and – the final straw – sacked human rights defenders (Abdul Jamil Jalaludeen and Chen Ka Fatt, both Maybank employees) for holding a banner that carried the words “Maybank robs poor Malaysian workers”  attending the International Labour Organisation’s convention in Geneva. NUBE members around the country lodged some 519 police reports in various parts of the country. Following the police reports, NUBE members as complainants have obtained Refer to Magistrate certificates from the police station to refer the cases to be further investigated by the magistrate court. NUBE General Secretary, J Solomon, said that Maybank clearly violated the basic human rights protection provided for Trade Unions and the Industrial Relations Act 1967 by dismissing Jamil and Chen who are human rights defenders. Section 59 and 39 of the Act prohibits any attempt by employers to intimidate unionists from performing their tasks. The employers can be jailed up to one year or be fined if found guilty of doing so. The article ends by asking; “How can he be appointed as a minister, when he has blatantly violated basic human rights and when there are cases against him pending in the courts?”

via 519 police reports filed: Do we really want guys like Wahid to be in our Cabinet?.


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