Chen Guangcheng pressures EU to go more public human in China

May 20, 2013
Relatives of the blind human rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng claim they are suffering a growing campaign of abuse, almost a year after he fled his home in China for the US.

(Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng Photo: AP)
On 19 May 2013 , reports for the Daily Telegraph from Brussels that the blind human rights lawyer, Chen Guangcheng, the exiled Chinese dissident has demanded that the European Union (EU) must go public with the results of human rights talks with China’s leaders, and publish its own list of people known to be suffering repression and persecution. Chen Guangcheng wants Western leaders to be more straightforward about their dealings with China so that the public can hold them to account: “The Chinese authorities try and pretend that they dont care about the highlighting of human right abuses but they do care. It is a responsibility to do this. If it is not pursued more actively the situation will go backwards.

via Chen Guangcheng pressures the EU on secret human rights talks with China – Telegraph.

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