Pakistan ‘gone mad’ says regional human rights organisation after murder of Perveen Rehman

March 14, 2013

Ms. Perveen Rehman (56), worked for the betterment of the poor and neglected

A statement of 14 March 2013 by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) starts dramatically with this “When a small lady weighing hardly 60 kilograms working for the betterment of poor slum-dwellers, and amongst the under-privileged in poorer residential areas, is viewed as a dire threat to the Taliban and the local administration, the sanity of these institutions, and those that man them, is called into question. However, with yesterday’s murder of Ms. Perveen Rehman, an even more fundamental question confronts us: the raison d’être of the Pakistani state itself.”

Ms. Perveen Rehman, an architect by profession, was targeted and murdered in broad daylight yesterday, March 13th. Fifty-six years of age, having worked for the poor and underprivileged for 25 of them, Ms. Rehman was murdered close to her office as she arrived in a car. Armed men riding two motorcycles approached and opened fire on her. She was struck twice in the face and once in the neck. She was rushed to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where she succumbed to her wounds. It is believed that she was assassinated by Deobandi militants of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat (ASWJ). These are said to be the same militants responsible for the deaths of the four anti-polio workers and the attack on Malala Yusufzai.

The statement then continues to describe Ms. Rehman as a tireless social activist, working for people living in slum areas. She had, however, been receiving death threats for some time. She had more recently been documenting the situation in villages (Goths) around Karachi many centuries old, now virtually under the control of land grabbers, Muslim extremist groups like the Taliban, and the police. The poor people of these areas have been, and are being, deprived of their residential rights and the lands of the Goths have been demarcated in plots and turned into new colonies. Most of the persons affected are indigenous and poor. The land grabbers enjoy the protection of the police and other law enforcement agencies, and if any questions are asked, Muslim extremists come to the rescue justifying anything under the ruse of defending Islam………….

Pakistan has been plunged into a situation where target and sectarian killings are a daily occurrence. …….”Perveen Rehman’s killing is a message to human rights defenders that they are not invulnerable from the clutches of the extremists and that anyone who works for the benefit of the underprivileged, not considered to be within the orbit of Islam, does so at their own risk“.

Until such time as the governments of Sindh and of the country make a stand against sectarian violence and the crime that pervades the very streets of every city Pakistan will remain a country suffering from the worst type of insanity; the insanity that allows innocent men, women and children to be harmed in the name of religion and greed…. The failure to provide security to Ms. Rehman indicates how close Pakistan is to complete collapse.

for the full statement which contains even stronger wording go to:

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