New blueprint for law on protection of HRDs in the Philippines

December 13, 2012

Two lawmakers are pushing for a law (House Bill 5379), ‘the Human Rights Defenders Act’, which aims to guarantee the rights of human rights defenders. The provisions are:

1 Right to promote and protect human rights

2 Right to information about human rights

3 Right to develop and advocate human rights ideas

4 Right to participate in public affairs

5 Right to access to human rights violations victims and, if necessary, provide legal assistance or facilitate the provision of the same

6 Right to unhindered access to communication with human rights bodies.

7 Right to refuse to violate human rights

8 Right to participate in activities against human rights violations

9 Right to solicit, receive and utilize resources

10 Right to establish a sanctuary to human rights victims

11 Right to file an action involving human rights violations – human rights organizations as complainants and, finally

12 Right to access documents of government units and personnel, paramilitary units and personnel, and military affiliate and government assets.

While some of the language is specifically cut towards the situation in the Philippines, the list is an interesting blueprint for other situations.

This proposal comes in the context of a recent (preliminary) report by the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders which concluded: “There is compelling evidence that human rights defenders, in particular those advocating for land and environmental rights, are under serious threat, are constantly vilified, intimidated and ‘terrorized.”

via Passing of law protecting rights defenders urged – Bulatlat.

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