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“One Hour of Human Rights” broadcasts on private channel in Sweden

January 15, 2013

The Stockholm-based NGO Civil Rights Defenders hosts regular morning seminars called “One Hour of Human Rights” at its head office in Stockholm. These seminars are broadcasted live on its Bambuser channel and are also available to be viewed afterwards. The next one will be on 23 January 2013 on Burma/Myanmar: “Strengthened or weakened rights in the advancement of foreign investment?” [Burma/Myanmar is opening up after decades of military dictatorship, isolation and conflict. Rich natural resources and low production costs attract international companies. In the process there is a real risk that human rights may be disregarded. Hear Donna Guest, leading expert on human rights in Burma, speak about the challenges facing investors.]

The latest was on 28 November 2012: Silence over Eurovisionland

Civil Rights Defender’s meeting in BakuAs the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 was disappearing from people’s minds, the Azeri government has put all its efforts on controlling freedom of expression, assembly and association in the country. Rasul Jafarov is Chairman of the Human Rights Club and Campaign Coordinator for Sing for Democracy, spoke about human rights in Azerbaijan. Special guest: Loreen.