Nominations for the Tipperary Peace Award 2021 are now welcome

March 1, 2021

Because of the situation with Covid it has not been possible to have any award presentation in 2020. With restrictions easing later this year it should be possible to have an award presentation sometime in 2021. Therefore, the Tipperary Peace Convention is now seeking nominations for the 2019/2020 Award. For more on this and other peace awards that are regularly given to human rights defenders see:

Nominations can be submitted by E-Mail to: or alternatively by post to the Hon. Secretary, Tipperary Peace Convention, 18 Father Matthew Street, Tipperary Town, Co. Tipperary. The aim of the Tipperary Peace Award is to recognise those who work tirelessly in countries around the world to end conflict and war, to facilitate reconciliation and peace making efforts, to provide humanitarian support and to campaign for justice and equality.

If you think that you know of someone who should be nominated then please do so today and include a brief resume to include the reason why you consider the person/s should receive the Award.

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