19 of the Most Influential Civil Rights Leaders of the 21st Century in the USA

June 6, 2020

The killing of George Floyd has brought a renewed focus on racial injustices in the American criminal justice system, which include mass incarcerations and excessive  punishment. [see also: https://humanrightsdefenders.blog/2020/06/06/civicus-expresses-solidarity-with-us-protesters-in-their-struggle-for-justice/ ]

Today’s civil rights leaders have picked up the mantle once held by Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Roy Wilkins, and Dorothy Height. ……

Hristina Byrnes and John Harrington in 24/7 Tempo of 4 June 2020 have compiled a list of the most important civil rights leaders of the 21st century. They created the list after reviewing biographies and news stories from resource material, websites of organizations such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Nobel Prize website, and media sites.

Click here to see the most important civil rights leaders of the 21st century

Click here to read the detailed findings and methodology

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