750 NGOs in Geneva: dynamic ecosystem for international governance work

August 29, 2019

On 29 August 2019, the Département présidentiel (PRE) of the Ville de Genève published “Un écosystème dynamique de plus de 750 ONG à Genève” in which – for the first time – researchers of the University of Geneva have made a survey of the NGO world in Geneva.  The study – in French – has some fascinating key findings:

– Some 750 NGOs have been counted. They employ  approximatley 3146 persons, equivalent to 2543 full-time posts.

– Between 2013 et 2017, almost half the NGOs have benefited from some form of financing by Canton, Federal Government or City of Geneva.

– The biggest sector relates to justice, peace and human rights with some 47,5%; the environmental sector just 20,7% of the NGOs.

– Lobbying and advocacy at the UN constitute the main activity of international civil society.

The study concludes that this demonstrates again that the NGOs in Genève help make Switzerland a place of dialogue and confirm Geneva as a hub for international governance.

For further information please contact :

  • Canton de Genève: M. Antonio Hodgers, président du Conseil d’Etat, en contactant Mme Florence Noël, directrice du service communication et information, PRE, T. 079 343 16 54 ;
  • Ville de Genève: Mme Sandrine Salerno, maire, en contactant Mme Valentina Wenger, collaboratrice personnelle, DFL, T. 022 418 22 35.

Soutenir la solidarité internationale, Construire la Genève internationale, Département présidentiel (PRE)

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