Iraqi human rights defender Yanar Mohammed laureate of 2016 Rafto prize

October 1, 2016

Yanar Mohammed has won Norway’s prestigious Rafto Prize. The Iraqi activist is known for her work promoting women’s rights. Mohammed was awarded on Thursday the 2016 Rafto Prize for her work with the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), which aims to promote human rights for victims of sexual abuse in the war-torn country. see also:
“Sexual violence is often part of battle plans, and Iraq is just one of many places where women’s rights are sacrificed for political and military objectives,” the Rafto jury said during its address.
OWFI, which the 55-year-old journalist and activist co-founded in 2003, provides protection to the minorities and women. The jury said “there has been a huge increase in abuse and violence against women, including rape, abduction into prostitution and honor killings,” and OWFI has been working to combat that.
The Rafto Prize was created in 1986 in honor of Norwegian academic and human rights activist Thorolf Rafto. It awards recipients with $20,000 (17,837 euro).

via: Iraqi activist wins Norway human rights prize | World | DW.COM | 29.09.20c16

3 Responses to “Iraqi human rights defender Yanar Mohammed laureate of 2016 Rafto prize”

  1. […] This Bergen-based award (established in 1987) is seeking candidates for its 2017 award. Candidates should be active in the struggle for the ideals and principles underlying the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and should represent a non-violent perspective. Nominations for the Rafto Prize are received and evaluated by the Rafto Prize Committee. Recipient(s) are selected by the Board of Directors in August. For questions regarding nominations, please contact the Secretary of the Committee, Liv Unni Stuhaug, e-mail: livunni.stuhaug(at) For 2016 award see:… […]

  2. […] “The new political situation in Iraq has been detrimental on all Iraqis, especially women,” said Yanar Mohammed, president of the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) from self-exile in Canada.. “After the US-led invasion (2003), a new political system was created leading to a most sectarian, tribal and religious society where women’s lives don’t have much weight.” [see also:… […]

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