Fritt Ord and ZEIT awards to Eastern European media: Elena Milashina, Seymour Hazi and Nashi Groshi

May 13, 2016

Fritt Ord and ZEIT-Stiftung have given their 2016 awards to:

Elena Milashina

Elena Milashina is a correspondent in the Northern Caucasus for the Novaya Gazeta newspaper, based in Moscow. She raises awareness of different scare tactics used by the Chechen authorities to repress critics and create a suffocating silence across the country. Milashina constantly receives grave threats and has been violently assaulted on several occasions.

Seymur Hazi

Seymur Hazi is editor and commentator for the newspaper Azadlig, based in Baku, Azerbaijan. He is also a reporter for the TV channel Azerbaijani Hour, based in Turkey. Hazi has reported on corruption and abuse of power in his native country. He has experienced threats and suffered brutal physical abuse. He has been imprisoned in Azerbaijan since August 2014.

Nashi Groshi

Nashi Groshi (Our Money) is a Kiev-based website dedicated to fighting corruption in Ukraine. Nashi Groshi presents extensive information about public calls for tender and business transactions, investigating civil servants’ and politicians’ involvement in public contracts, and publishing the relevant facts.

For more on the regional Fritt Ord award for media freedom in Eastern Europe see:

The award ceremony will take place in November 2016 in Tbilisi, Georgia, as part of a multi-day international conference for journalists.

Elena Milashina bravely highlights repression in the North Caucasus and exposes the violence perpetrated by the Chechen authorities against the Chechen people,” commented Ane Tusvik Bonde, HRHN Regional Manager, Eastern Europe and Caucasus on 12 May 2016. “Despite being confronted with other human rights crisis in the region, the international community must not forget the constant deterioration of conditions for human rights defenders and journalists in Chechnya. The risk is that Chechnya is currently a ‘laboratory region,’ where the authorities trial new methods of repression,” added Bonde. In 2011 Elena Milashina was already given the Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism by HRW.HRHN - network logo


Source: Targeted Russian Journalist Elena Milashina wins Free Media Award – Human Rights House Network

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