New Tactics in Human Rights follows up on the protection regime of HRDs

November 11, 2015

In November 2013 OUP’s Journal of Human Rights Practice published a special issue on human rights defenders [].

This is followed by another Special Issue in the International Journal of Human Rights on ‘Critical Perspectives on the Security and Protection of Human Rights Defenders’, in which scholars and practitioners critically appraise the construction and functioning of this protection regime, examining:

  1. the definition and use of the term ‘human rights defender’;
  2. the effectiveness of protection mechanisms; and,
  3. the complex relationship between repression, activism and risk.

    New Tactics is organizing a conversation ‘Evaluating the Human Rights Defender Protection Regime’ exploring these areas, asking: How do we define who is and who is not a ‘human rights defender’? What are the effects of these decisions? How effective are current protection mechanisms for defenders? How do defenders manage their security as they face risks? How should ‘protection’ work in practice?

    Join New Tactics and the authors of the papers in this Special Issue from 16 – 20 November, 2015.

    Copies of these papers are available for free here: but only until 31 December 2015!

    Join the Conversation beginning Monday

One Response to “New Tactics in Human Rights follows up on the protection regime of HRDs”

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