An exceptional Egyptian family of human rights defenders

August 21, 2014

The family of MEA 2013 Final Nominee, Mona Seif, continues to be under the greatest strain in Egypt. Front Line Defenders reports that on 18 August 2014, her brother, human rights defender Mr Alaa Abd El Fattah, began a hunger strike to protest his detention [] and said that he will remain on hunger strike until he is released. Her sister human rights defender Ms Sanaa Seif also continues to be imprisoned. []. Her father, human rights defender Ahmed Seif El-Islam is in the Intensive Care Unit of Qasr el-Eini hospital. Her family had tried several times to visit the father, but in vain.

3 Responses to “An exceptional Egyptian family of human rights defenders”

  1. […] Prominent activist Alaa Abd El Fattah was sentenced in 2014 to fifteen years in prison, which was reduced to five years following a retrial the next year. Supporters all over the world took action for his release, but to no avail. Still, we’re happy to say that in March 2019, Alaa will finally go home to his family…but only during the day. The conditions of his parole require him to sleep in his local police station for the next five years (visit 100 Days for Alaa, and read his recent essays on technology). See also:… […]

  2. […] It seems that this post of 27 July 2020 was corrupted; for some reason or another many people could not see the text of the letter itself. So here it is again in full. Please read and tke action on it. Mona Seif – MEA finalist of 2013 – and her family have been targeted by the authorities many times [see… […]

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