Reminder: online conversation on Visualizing Information for Advocacy starts today

November 11, 2013

Tactical Technology Collective and the New Tactics community start their on-line conversation on Visualizing Information for Advocacy  as from today November 11, until 15 NovemberPeople around the world are using digital tools and visualization techniques to expose injustice and abuse, creating narratives to challenge the status quo and mobilizing for action. In the words of the organisers: 

Whether we’re swamped by it or starved of it, the value of information depends on its quality, and its usefulness depends on our ability to communicate it successfully. As activists, we can’t sit and wait for people to wade through sixty-page reports. To influence people we must make strong arguments and communicate them using strong evidence. Well timed, rigorous and well-presented information is the greatest asset activists possess.However, giving the right people the right information in the best possible way is not always easy.  Join us to talk about the use of imagery in advocacy and share examples of visual campaigns.”

Practitioners to lead this conversation are:

  • Emma Prest and Gabi Sibley  (Conversation Facilitator) of the Tactical Technology Collective
  • Enrique Piraces of Benetech
  • Hend Alhinnawi of the Humanitarian Tracker
  • Susan Wolfinbarger of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Heather Leson and Zara Rahman of the Open Knowledge Foundation
  • Mirko Lorenz, information architect
  • Jacky Sutton of UNDP Iraq
  • Edie Stevens, practitioner


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