Remembering Dina Goor, graceful human rights defender from Israel

October 22, 2013

Dina Goor was an elite model. She was an interior designer in Israel and much more. Dina’s arrival at the Qalandiya checkpoint a decade ago in her grey Volkswagen Golf, changed her and the human rights movement in Israel.  She joined Machsom Watch, then founded Yesh Din and then the Human Rights Defenders Fund. Yesh Din provides legal assistance to Palestinians victims of violent crimes by Israelis – attacks that went on for dozens of years without recourse. In 2011, after a number of years with Yesh Din, she founded the Human Rights Defenders Fund [HRDF]. The HRDF provides legal assistance, consultation, and representation to activists, human rights defenders, to ensure they can continue the important work of change-making in the region. On September 27, Dina passed away after a short illness.

+972 Magazine provides a loving picture of this remarkable woman and  link to a short video:

via Remembering Dina Goor, graceful human rights revolutionary | +972 Magazine.


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