Follow on YouTube very interesting debate on Syria and media organised by International Alert

September 20, 2013

While not directly dealing with Human Rights Defenders, I want to share with you this fascinating debate organised by International Alert.

As Syria stays in the news, every day we can have access to new imagery – visual or verbal – of what is happening there. And from these images come discussions and positions that fuel our views in the controversy about what to do and what not to do, about how to help and what kind of assistance (and to whom) might be effective for the common good in Syria and the region. Against that backdrop, International Alert organised a discussion in partnership with the University of Sussex, recorded at the Frontline Club in London on Wednesday 18 September. The panel comprised Martin Bell, renowned former reporter on war and peace; Timothy Large, Editor-in-Chief at Thomson Reuters Foundation, responsible among other things for the AlertNet news service; and international relations Professor Cynthia Weber of Sussex University, who is also a documentary film-maker. Dan Smith was chairing.

In the wide-ranging discussion are covered:

  • how stories are selected and shaped,
  • why some imagery works and some doesn’t,
  • the use of social media,
  • what we want from journalism and whether news organisations are providing it,
  • whether there is such a thing as peace journalism or really there’s just good or bad journalism,
  • what we mean by truth and whose truth we mean.

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