Mona Seif continues her work: campaign to free Hassan Mustafa

May 4, 2013

Mona Seif – on of the 2013 MEA nominees – calls on people to campaign for the liberation of Hassan Mustafa, a leading human rights defender in Alexandria, Egypt, who was sentenced 2 years in prison.

Hassan was arrested on 21 January 2013 as he was filing a complaint inside Mansheyya Courts Complex, at the prosecutor general’s office, against the random detention of protesters & children from a protest outside the same Court on the previous day. The protest was taking place during the trial of police officers accused of killing protesters in the 25 January Revolution. He was then falsely accused of attacking a prosecutor causing prosecutors cheeks to turn red (“the prosecutor actually supplied a medical report claiming so !”). This is not the first time Hassan was detained. On 6 April 2008 while participating in events in support of the general strike he was beaten up and detained. He was detained once again in 2010 from a protest for “Khaled Said”, who was beaten to death by police informants, and whose death sparked the Egyptian youth to take on the streets and protest against the Emergency Law and the brutality of the police. Hassan spent 2 months in prison in 2010 before his appeal was accepted and was released. It is important to note that in 2010 he was interrogated by Ahmed Darwish, the same prosecutor who is falsely accusing him now of assault. Lawyers from the “

” have appealed his sentence and tomorrow – May 4th – is the second hearing for his appeal.

Mona Seif asks to spread the video about Hassan [youtube=].

Telling is the open letter that Hassan addressed to Morsi from his prison cell

Mr. President, I will speak truth to your power. We have suffered before and during your reign. You are no Moses, but another Pharaoh, wanting nothing but the advancement of yourself and your brotherhood.Justice cant find its way to your rule, truth has no place under your government, the oppressed find no justice in your judiciary, for your state is a state of oppression and tyranny, following in the steps of those who came before you. You bedamn land and offspring, spread poverty and hunger, wherever you walk. You have built an entourage of those who serve injustice and thrive on oppression, as if there was no lesson to be learned from what happened to your predecessor.  May God bestow change on us and bless us with the power to show you, your brotherhood and your entourage that what you have feared.” Pharaoh exalted himself on earth, and divided the people into factions. He persecuted a group of them, slaughtering their sons and sparing their daughters. He was verily a corrupter. And we wished to bestow grace on those who were oppressed, to make them leaders and make them inherit the earth, and to grant them power and, at their hands, show Pharaoh and Haman and their soldiers what they had feared.” Quran 28:4-6 From a speaker of truth against your injustice and a prisoner in your state of oppression and tyranny. Hassan Mustafa, Cell 14, High-security ward 23, Section 5, Burj Al-Arab Remand PrisonWritten on Friday 8 February, 2013″


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