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A typical Amnesty branch does typical work for HRDs

December 6, 2011

Ahmed Khaleel, an Iraqi citizen who is taking a PhD at York University, gave a talk about Arab poets as human-rights defenders for the Scarborough group of Amnesty International. Dr Jay Prosser, reader in humanities at Leeds University, spoke about his recent co-authored book, Picturing Atrocity: Photography in Crisis. Royalties from his book sales are being donated to Amnesty.

The seminar, at Hull University’s Scarborough campus, was attended by more than 40 people including the deputy mayor,  Helen Mallory, who said: “The work Amnesty is doing now is as valuable as it’s always been but possibly more so because there are more human-rights violations taking place around the world. Their work will be neverending because, sadly, atrocities will always be committed. I’m quite humbled by the work they do.”

Not world-shocking news perhaps but a fine example of the day to day work for HRDs that local groups can do…

source: Amnesty seminar on human rights – News – Scarborough Evening News.