Today Woman Human Rights Defenders in Nepal launch national campaign against rape

September 21, 2013

The Himalayan Times of 20 September reports that the National Alliance of Women Human Rights Defenders in collaboration with more than two dozen other organisations working for the rights of women and children is all set to launch a ‘National Campaign Against Rape’ today.  The campaign will continue till December 10 when the Human Rights Day is observed.  The main objective of the campaign is to raise awareness among public to put an end to rapes and also create an environment for rape victims to fight for justice. Renu Rajbhandari, coordinator, NCAR, added “We are going to mobilise youth and women this time to raise awareness among the public in all parts of the country.” According to Rajbhandari, in around 80 per cent of rape cases, political parties protect the rapists and put pressure on the victims to either withdraw the case or sort out the case through mutual understanding or in exchange of money. “In addition, police investigation is very weak and the legal procedure has so many hurdles that the rapists are rarely punished. Thus through the campaign, we were also going to sensitise all concerned, including police personnel, to perform their duties seriously and provide justice to victims as soon as possible,” she added. Some of the demands of the NCAR are immediate amendment through ordinance of the existing rape law, formation of a fast-track court or prompt verdict delivery through continuous hearing process, drafting of directives for Nepal Police to make the investigation process related to rape cases sensitive and effective, preparation of necessary laws to recognise discrimination against rape victims as social offence, enforcing the provision of penalty for the perpetrators and ensuring rape and sexual violence victims’ right to study and health services as per the international conventions such as CRC and CEDAW.

via The Himalayan Times : Rights bodies to launch campaign against rape – Detail News : Nepal News Portal.


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