New UNHCR report “Beyond Proof” looks at the Credibility Assessment in Asylum procedures in the EU

June 17, 2013

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ...

Human Rights Defenders are involved in asylum claims in many ways. The asylum seeker may be a victim of persecution or the people who help them are human rights defenders. Anyway the new UNHCR report “Beyond Proof – Improving Credibility Assessment in EU Asylum Systems” should be a relevant tool for all of them:

Credibility assessment is the central part of the examination of asylum claims. It involves a determination of which of the statements and other evidence provided by the applicant can be accepted and, therefore, may then be taken into account in the analysis of the well-founded fear of persecution and real risk of serious harm. The new UNHCR report “Beyond Proof” provides insights into state practices based on research in EU Member States, existing guidance from other states, training material including the European Asylum Curriculum (EAC), over 200 rulings by international, regional and national courts and over 70 references to academic publications on the recent developments in international refugee law and disciplinary fields beyond (neurobiology, psychology, anthropology, cultural and gender studies) relevant to the credibility assessment in the asylum procedure. Decision-makers should be informed by developments in these relevant disciplinary fields. Beyond Proof looks at the application of these multi-disciplinary factors in the credibility assessment. UNHCR has also developed checklists and flowcharts that translate the legal and theoretical concepts into practical tools to assist decision-makers and support a fair assessment of credibility.

The UNHCR report “Beyond Proof – Improving Credibility Assessment in EU Asylum Systems” is now available on Refworld:

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