Death threats against Human Rights Defenders Alice Nkom and Michel Togué in Cameroon

February 13, 2013

Human Rights Watch issues a video and press release concerning a series of death threats made over the last four months to two lawyers who represent clients accused of homosexual conduct.  Human Rights Watch on 13 February 2013 sent an open letter to President Paul Biya.HRW_logo

Alice Nkom and Michel Togué, Cameroonian human rights lawyers, began receiving death threats in October 2012, in the form of emails and text messages, assailing the lawyers for their work defending clients charged with homosexuality. Consensual same-sex conduct is criminalized under the Cameroonian penal code’s article 347 bis, and at least 28 people have been prosecuted under the law since 2010. Nkom and Togué are among the few lawyers courageous enough to take up these cases in a country where homophobia is pervasive.

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