Martin Ennals Foundation expresses concern regarding Nabeel Rajab’s upcoming trial

October 10, 2012

English: Nabeel Rajab protesting outside Muhar...

Nabeel Rajab May 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Martin Ennals Foundation would like to express its growing concern regarding the upcoming hearing on October 16th concerning the appeal of Nabeel Rajab’s conviction.

Mr. Rajab is appealing a three year sentence handed down by the Bahraini Courts. This sentence is widely viewed as an attempt to block his freedom of expression and prevent him from supporting peaceful protests.

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights was one of three Finalist Nominees for the Martin Ennals Award, which was handed out in Geneva on October 2nd. The Martin Ennals Award is selected by a Jury of ten leading Human Rights organizations and aims to publicize the work and protect a Human Rights Defender. Regrettably, Mr. Rajab was not able to attend the ceremony due to his detention.The Martin Ennals Foundation supports the widespread calls for his release made by many leading Human Rights Organizations including members of our Jury. We urge the Bahraini Courts to release Mr. Rajab.

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