Sudan does something good for HRDs

December 15, 2011

Front Line reports that on 4 December Four human rights defenders were acquitted, while charges against three others were downgraded by the Khartoum North District Court.

 Abdelrahman Mohamed Al-GasimAbdelrahman Mohamed Al-GasimThe seven human rights defenders had initially been arrested in October and November 2010 for alleged involvement with Radio Dabanga. In June 2011, they were charged with, inter alia, conspiracy against the state and espionage, crimes which are punishable by the death penalty or life imprisonment, for allegedly carrying out illegal broadcasts from a studio in Khartoum. On 4 December 2011, the charges against Messrs Zakaria Yacoub, Abdelrahman Mohamed Al-Gasim (pictured), Khalid Ishaq, and Adam al Nur Adam were dismissed. However, three defenders, namely Messrs Abdelrahman Adam Abdelrahman, Jaafar Alsabki Ibrahim, and Kwather Abdel Haj, remain charged with the lesser crimes of “undermining security and public order” and “spreading lies”, which are punishable by up to three years in prison. Front Line reiterates its call on the Sudanese authorities to immediately drop all charges against all of the aforenamed human rights defenders as Front Line believes they are solely motivated by their legitimate human rights work.

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