On-line Activism and the Real World: a blogger’s honest thinking

October 1, 2011

One of the winning blogs of the Communication Initiative, by Bhumika Ghimire, expresses the doubts that many of us feel when we read the hyperbole assessments of how the new media are going to  the  save the world and bring about the realisation of human rights. Some of the things Bhumika states:

Online Activism

“Are cyber campaigns comparable to the real world action?”

“What about online activists in repressive regimes like China, Burma, North Korea, Iran? These activists and their work in spreading the word, creating networks and keeping the fight alive is admirable and deserves recognition. In many countries, they face almost the same level of scrutiny from their governments as the real world activists. Do we cyber activists in the developed world face a similar level of threat or harassment? Certainly not.”

“The point is, we have to stop glamorizing all and every cyber activist and give credit where it is due. Recognizing the sacrifice of real heroes will add to the validity of online activism as a real force and help online campaigns be more effective.”

see the whole piece on: Online Activism and the Real World: Where Do We Meet? | Communication, Media, Policy.

One Response to “On-line Activism and the Real World: a blogger’s honest thinking”

  1. Alexandra Bisia Says:

    she is right. signing a petition on the internet will never replace the real thing!

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