Alec Muchadehama, Zimbabwean Human Rights Defender honored in Amsterdam

April 18, 2011

I just came back from an interesting meeting in Amsterdam organised by Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L) on 15 April. The meeting was about the freedom of lawyers and I will report separately on that issue. Here I only want to draw your attention to the impressive personality of Alec Muchadehama, a lawyer working for Zimbabwean Lawyers for Human Rights who courageously continues his work in spite of the most severe harassment, including detention.  ‘This is a man who, despite many years of persecution, continues to fight tirelessly for freedom and justice,’ stated the Dutch human rights ambassador, Lionel Veer as Alec was presented with the first Lawyers for Lawyers Award, adding that this award reflected the priority given by the Dutch government to human rights defenders in its human rights policy. Also present at the meeting was Arnold Tsunga, MEA Laureate 2006, another HRD from Zimbabwe.

2 Responses to “Alec Muchadehama, Zimbabwean Human Rights Defender honored in Amsterdam”

  1. Alexandra Bisia Says:

    Excellent initiative!!!!

  2. […] rights in challenging environments. Former laureates include Alec Muchadehama from Zimbabwe [see:…%5D, Magamed Abubakarov from the Russian Federation [see: […]

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