Annual reports 2019: the women in the Arab world

December 30, 2019






And another end of year reflection, this one by the Collective for Research and Training on Development Action (CRTDA).

This is a Lebanon-based non-governmental organization started in July 1999. CRTDA works with partner civil society organizations in Lebanon and across the Arab World primarily in Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria.

..For the Lebanese, everything that has happened this year has been overshadowed by the last
two months. These months have represented unprecedented empowerment, as we have seen a
mass uprising that cuts across sectarian lines aimed at ousting the political elite that have
propagated corruption, division, and inequality for many years. The unity felt in the streets has
been led by women, who have constantly showcased their bravery and leadership capacity
throughout this uprising.
Of course, this popular movement has also led to fresh challenges as the economic crisis
engendered by decades of mismanagement causes unemployment to spike, increasing poverty
among the most vulnerable populations and causing tension and polarization between
communities. In this context, of opportunity for women’s empowerment and challenge to peace
and stability between Lebanon’s communities, the work of CRTD.A both comes to fruition and
becomes increasingly important. At this cross-roads for Lebanon, we share with you some of
our highlights from the past year, and some of our hopes for the future.
This year, we saw women standing up to oppression and demanding change all over the
world. In Lebanon, women were at the forefront of the revolution: organizing, protesting, and
showing their bravery. They formed barriers with their bodies to keep the peace, and the icon of
the Lebanese protests was a woman, whose kick to a security officer became the symbolic image
of the revolution. Women’s rights, such as the right of women to pass on their nationality, have
taken a huge place in the protests, as women say enough is enough. What we have seen in
Lebanon has also been true for many countries across the world. In Sudan and Hong Kong,
women have become the icons of revolution, displaying their power to lead and to fight.
Women’s marches have also played a huge role in Chile’s demands for an end to a corrupt
We have also seen women taking control of the narrative of environmental degradation, with
young icons such as Greta Thunberg showing that neither youth nor gender can get in the way
of determination and a powerful message. It is key for both our future and for empowerment
for women and girls to take initiative and make their voices heard to force the global elite to
face up to the biggest threat to our planet and our species. Women across the world have been
taking this initiative, from the Pacific Islands to the Amazon Rainforest.

For more information about their work, please check out the annual report via:

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