Banning of human rights march in Republika Srpska on 10 December

December 11, 2012

Human Rights Day 2012 was celebrated in may ways in many countries, but one of the more innovative ways was the banning of a human rights march in Republika Srpska (one of the two entities that make up Bosnia and Herzegovina).

According to Amnesty International the event in the city of Prijedor was forbidden without any legal reason being given. The march was supposed to bring attention to discrimination and numerous violations of human rights in Prijedor.It was organised by a local Commemoration Committee, which is calling on authorities to investigate abuses of power and human rights violations committed in the area of and around Prijedor. “Rather than trying to clamp down on activist groups in Prijedor, the authorities should be heeding their calls for justice,” said Lejla Hadzimesic of the AI Balkans team. Only last month, the UN Human Rights Committee criticized restrictions on freedom of expression and assembly in Prijedor.

via Banning of human rights march in Republika Srpska unacceptable | Amnesty International USA.

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