Finally a film on Uzbekistan’s forgotten Andijan Massacre 2005

May 28, 2010

True Heroes Films (THF) has produced “Through the Looking Glass: The Andijan Massacre” which uncovers the lost story of how armed forces gunned down a largely peaceful demonstration in Uzbekistan, in the heart of Central Asia. This new film goes out on BBC World on 29 May 2010. SHOWING TIMES: Saturday 29th May 0210 and 1510 GMT (and Sunday 30th at 0910 and 2110 GMT)

Demonstrators had been gathering daily in the eastern city of Andijan through 2005 to call for justice in this highly repressive state – but after almost 100 days the military moved in and opened fire, running down the demonstrators as they tried to get away. Around five hundred people are thought to have been killed.

The Uzbek authorities called what happened an ‘Islamic uprising’. It confiscated all film of the event and rounded up and imprisoned witnesses. Foreign reporters were ordered out of the country and there has never been an international enquiry. Even now, family members of those involved are threatened and forced to keep silence.

Now for the first time in five years a group of survivors living abroad has decided to speak and it is through them that the film emerges. Each took great risks to appear on camera, in full knowledge that the authorities could take revenge on their children and other relatives in prison.

One Response to “Finally a film on Uzbekistan’s forgotten Andijan Massacre 2005”

  1. Alexandra Bisia Says:

    Brilliant! Finally some action!

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